Friday, March 13, 2015

Careful with that it's

It happened, or least began, on Tuesday, a rather ordinary day of the week. Light gleamed through the windows of the little, square house shining right in the eyes of the once sleeping Pepper, an extraordinarly ordinary girl. She rubbed the last bit of sleep from her eyes, stretched her hands over her head and stepped out of bed to begin the day in the usual, ordinary way. And things continued on in their ordinary manner until she got on the bus for school.

Pepper could tell the dirty, crumpled paper she found barely peeking out of her usual seat in the bus had long been forgotten. She wondered why she had never noticed it before, after all she had been sitting the the same seat since the first grade. After smoothing it out and dusting a few wayward crumbs off it she read the words I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF YOUR HELP! Pepper's mind whirled with questions. "Who needs my help? Is this meant for me? Why would they want my help?"

"Careful with that,"

Pepper jumped at the sound of the voice much too close to her ear.

"It's more dangerous than you think."